OpenRSi 4.5 goes live

After implementing a new building environment and testing images, we are finally releasing firmware version 4.5. There are no cosmetic changes. It’s just a new building environment, new drivers and a complete new Gstream version that are implemented.

New bootloaders & Tutorial

As of November 2015 there are bootloaders available in which a “rescue mode” is integrated. The ‘rescue mode’ allows you to approach the receiver via the network (webbrowser) and re-flash it.

Gigablue Driver Update

  GigaBlue update drivers again BCM7358, BCM7356, BCM7362 The occured issue was only related to OE-A 3.2 as MACHINE_KERNEL_PR_append got removed. OE-A 2.3 was fine.


Once in a while, users ask us to provide them with the bootlogo used in our images.   Although the bootlogo is available to everyone on our images, we decided to list them as a JPG-file in a seperate section.

New tutorials

We have rephrased our how-to’s. Now, there is a tutorial per receiver model. So, the only thing you’ll have to remember is the model name of your receiver to be able to reflash it.

OpenRSi 3.0 Firmware

OpenRSi 3.0 Firmware. On this page, you will find our latest firmware images for Azbox and Gigablue receivers. These images are “nightly build” images. Please, be informed that nightly build images are not tested by the team. They are automatically build by the server. We consider them to be stable enough for use on a […]