Rescue Mode


Installing / flashing the receiver using the Rescue Mode:

If you use the Rescue Mode, connect your STB to your router by using a network cable. DHCP should be enabled.
Wireless flashing is not possible.

Manual starting of “Rescue Mode”

  1. Power ON your STB.
  2. For STB’s with buttons on the frontpanel: Press & hold the MENU button for 5 seconds.
    For STB’s without buttons on the frontpanel: Press & hold the POWER button for 5 seconds.
  3. Your STB will boot in Rescue Mode.
    Once “Rescue Mode” is started, you will see a message on your tv:
    NOTE: The shown ip address will most likely be different in your environment.rescue

Start the “Rescue Mode” in a web browser

  1. Start your favorite webbrowser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, etc.) and enter the shown ip address on your TV into the URL field:
  2. Your webbrowser will now show the “Rescue Mode” options available:Options:
    A = Device information
    B = Firmware upload
    C = Reboot
  3. The “Rescue Mode” – Device information shows information about your STB like the name and MAC address.
  4. “Rescue Mode” – Firmware Upload option allows you to upload a zip-file containing an image to be flashed. Structure of the zip-file (folders & files) needs to be identical to a regular image zip-file (e.g. you selected a zip-file from your harddisk, you have to click on GO:rescue-3When flashing is in progress, you will see the progress as console text output:rescue-5Once flashing is done the STB will automatically reboot.
  5. “Rescue Mode” Reboot allows you to reboot your STB.rescue-6

NOTE: As long as the receiver is still installing firmware, it is vital that you DO NOT turn off the receiver or unplug it. It can cause serious and permanent damage.